Installation du client Parsec


Windows installer is available in both 32 and 64 bits, if not sure you should use the 64bits version (called parsec-vX.Y.Z-win64-setup.exe).


Parsec est disponible sur Snap:

If you are familiar with Snap, you may notice that Parsec snap is provided in classic mode (i.e. without sandbox). This is needed because Parsec needs Fuse to mount your data as a virtual directory, which is not allowed by the Snap sandbox.


Vous pouvez installer le snap depuis la ligne de commande en faisant :

sudo snap install parsec --classic


Parsec n’est pas encore disponible sur MacOS.

Via pip

Given that Parsec is written in Python, an alternative is to install it through pip (the Python package repository).

pip install parsec-cloud


Parsec a besoin de Python >= 3.6 pour fonctionner.