Extract server statistics

In order to extract server statistics, the administrator needs to provide :

  • The parsec metadata server location, through a parsec url parsec3://hostname:port

  • The administration_token configured in the parsec metadata server

  • The extraction date, ignore everything after the date

  • The output filename

  • The output file format which can be CSV or JSON

parsec.cli core stats_server --addr=parsec3://example.com --administration-token=s3cr3t --at 2023-05-13 --output 202001-my_server_stats.csv --format=csv

Information available in the extraction are :

  • organization_id

  • data_size

  • metadata_size

  • realms

  • active_users

  • admin_users_active

  • admin_users_revoked

  • standard_users_active

  • standard_users_revoked

  • outsider_users_active

  • outsider_users_revoked