Create and use a recovery device

A recovery device is a backup of an existing device. If you lose access to a Parsec’s device (you forget the password, the Parsec keys had been lost, etc.), the recovery device will allow you to recreate a new device and set a new password.

In order to create a new recovery device or to use a recovery device you need to open the recovery device dialog from the main menu:

  1. Open the Recovery device menu.

    You need to open the sub-menu then click on Recovery device option (alternatively, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+I).

    Parsec menu with recovery device option highlighted
  2. That will open a modal dialog that looks like this:

    Parsec recovery device modal

Create a new recovery device

  1. In the Device recovery dialog, select Create a recovery device

  2. From here:

    1. Select the device you would like to create a recovery device for.

    2. Click the Select button to specify a file to store the recovery device.

    Create a recovery device modal
  3. Click Next, you will be prompted to enter the password for the device you have selected

    Create a recovery device authentication modal
  4. After confirmation, the recovery file is created and a passphrase is displayed. You need to save the passphrase as it will not be displayed again.

    Create a recovery device confirmation modal


    The passphrase should be handled carefully like any other password.

    You can print out the passphrase and put-it in a safe to secure it. Nevertheless, you should not save it alongside the recovery file.

Use a recovery device

  1. In the Device recovery dialog, select Recover a Device

  2. From here:

    1. Select the recovery file of the device you want to recover.

    2. Enter the passphrase for the recovery device.

    3. Enter the name of the new device.

    Recover a device modal
  3. Click Next, you will be prompted to enter a new password and confirm it.

    Enter the new password for the recovered device modal
  4. A message is displayed to confirm the device has been recovered, you can click Continue.

    Device recovered confirmation modal
  5. You can now access Parsec as usual using the new recovered device from the devices’ list